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Private Lessons

Pricing Breakdown:

   1 Single Lesson - $100

   3 Lessons -$285

   10 Lessons - $900

One hour with our trainer, learning how to teach your dog to understand their new commands. This program can cover any skills you need help teaching your dog, and can include select behavioral issues. Meet at our facility, in your home or out in public!


Board and Train

Traveling and want to get your dog trained while you are away? Or maybe you live a busy life and need a bit of extra help in the training process? Let your dog live a few weeks with a Professional Dog Trainer to learn all the skills it takes to be the talk of the town! This is our "quickest fix" to your issues, creating long lasting results with continued reinforcement at home. 
​  3 Week Program  - $2,400* +tax

  • Includes 3 weeks of Boarding and Training, 2 hour Go Home session, 3 Follow - up Private Lessons

  • Covers General Skills such as Leash Walking, Place, Come when Called, Sit and Down Stay, Leave it, Confidence Building, Handler Awareness, etc. 

​4 Week Program - $3,100* +tax

  • Includes 4 weeks of Boarding and Training, 2 hour Go Home session, 4 Follow - up Private Lessons

  • Covers more serious behavioral issues such as leash reactivity, resource guarding, etc. 

​*In these programs your dog will learn on site at your trainer’s home, in our facility and also off site in the real world! Going to parks, stores, patios, etc. to practice their skills

Group Classes

Group Classes are held at our training center at 487 Erie Street Lancaster, NY Unit H. We offer a range of classes from Puppy Class, Basic Manners, Advanced Obedience, Leash Manners, Canine Good Citizen, Scent Work, Rally Obedience and More! Each class is one hour in duration each week, for the designated number of consecutive weeks. 

Price Breakdown:
    Puppy Preschool $16
0 for 6 weeks
    Basic Obedience $160 for 6 weeks
    Intermediate/Advanced Obedience $150 for 6 weeks
    Scent/Tricks/Rally $140 for 6 weeks

Check out our social media platforms
@ Canine Caliber (Facebook and Instagram) for updated class schedules. Or Contact me directly 

Day Training

Day Training is currently held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays ONLY

Drop off is between 8-9am and pick up between 4-6pm. 

This program is a substitute to a traditional daycare setting. Geared towards training clients who need extra guidance for their dog during the week. This program is by reservation only and has minimal available space. Each day is tailored to the dogs in attendance as far as skills that we work on, but also the goals of the day. Skills could range from basic obedience, trick training, scent work, park adventures, fun agility and other enrichment activities! 


      $46 Per Day + tax or $175 for 4 Days +tax

overnight care

*At this time, I am NOT accepting any new boarding clients. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but am happy to recommend other facilities in your area!*

Book your dog their own vacation while you travel. Our home away from home atmosphere helps your dog settle while you are away. We are a small Dog Boarding service located in Lancaster, NY.

In order for your dog to be eligible for overnight boarding, they must be participating in or have participated in one of our Training Programs OR pass an initial trial day.

1st Dog- $43 per day +tax
Additional Dogs- $40 per day
Includes: Daily walks, treat filled Frozen Kong and free time

**Price may vary based on length of stay, and for families with more than 2 dogs**

Personal Protection and Protection Sport Training

Checkout our Monthly Protection Dog Workshop held at our facility
in Lancaster, NY with Jeremy Sebree of Pawfect K9.

Jeremy travels from St. Louis, MO to Buffalo, NY every month to put on a Protection Dog Workshop right here at Canine Caliber! With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Jeremy works with dogs of all ages and skill level. Whether you are looking to compete in sports or want a home protector, he is your guy. Jeremy is a Certified APPDA Decoy, and has achieved multiple titles in multiple venues with his own personal dogs. 

These workshops are geared towards Suit Sports and Personal Protection training. 

Contact us for more info
(Check our social media pages for workshop dates)

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